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The amulets are specially tailored to each individual's needs such as protection and building better relationships. They are made of a small piece of yantra, which is then rolled and inserted into a miniature glass tube filled with special oil. The tube is housed inside a specially designed metal/wooden casing and it can be worn as a pendant, just like a necklace.





amulet3Item #A1
Double Amulet for Protection

Two copper cylinders rolled and filled with yantras, about 4cm long each are tied to threads to be worn around the neck or put inside the pocket for protection against any dangers and accidents caused by negative entities.


amulet4Item #A2
Pillow Amulet for Protection

A wax paper rolled and filled with yantra of 7cm in length can be inserted in a pillow. It can ward off spells, curses and evil spirits.


mini-candle amuletItem #A3
Mini-Gold Candle Amulet with Gold or Silver Plated Casing for High Protection

A mini-gold candle fill with yantra with a gold plated casing. It can protect against high-level negative spirit entities and general hex/charms/curses. It also enhances your career, studies and other aspect of your life.

Dimensions: (L) 5cm x (W) 0.7cm



It is recommended that Healing Candle (Item #C1 or #C2) is used first to cleanse oneself before using the amulets.

*Prices quoted above are for respective items only. Local and International shipping /postage rates apply.


Note: All the items mentioned are not to be used for one's selfish gains or to harm others. The mind must be just and the heart righteous. Use them as tools to help you create positive changes in your life and fulfill your desires. All items come with full instructions and advice.


To order online, click here and indicate item quantities, mailing address, full name and contact number. Kindly note that we only accept payment via Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or Paypal for international orders (TT and transfer charges to be borne by client).


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Address: 27, Foch Road, #01-02, Hoanam Building, Singapore 209264


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