April 2008, Xin Min Daily News Singapore:
Lighting a Lamp at the Head to Catch Spirits



Sanna Healing Lamp Newspaper 280



Master Sanna was invited by the S. P. I. (Singapore Paranormal Investigators) to a talk-cum-demonstration of the Sanna Healing Lamp on the 30th of March 2008. Held in a seminar room in SMRT’s Club in Bishan, Master Sanna explained about spirits and their behaviours, the manner in which spirits made their presence felt, how to differentiate between patients suffering from mental illness and victims of spirit attack, the rationale behind the Sanna Healing Lamp, and the unique ability of the Sanna Healing Lamp in “cleansing” one’s body of negative energy/spirits.


He stressed that unlike normal candles, the Sanna Healing Lamp possesses the capability of eliciting responses from a subject to determine if he/she is truly possessed by spirits. In order to test for such a response, the subject has to lie on his/her back and have the Healing Lamp lit near the top of his/her head. Master Sanna would usually be able to judge in 45 minutes from the physiological responses of the subject as to whether he/she is under the possession of a negative spirits.


Master Sanna invited participants for a demonstration and two members of the audience volunteered readily by walking towards the front. The two participants, a 58-year old female retiree and a man in his late-forties, assumed their positions by lying on their backs upon the mattresses provided. Master Sanna then lit the lamps, recited a mantra, and placed the lamps on the floor near the top of their heads.


After about 20 minutes, a reporter from the Xin Min Daily News found that cool air was being emitted from the soles of male participant, even though the air conditioner was turned off prior to the start of the demonstration. Besides this phenomenon, there were no other extraordinary physiological reactions displayed by the male participant. When asked regarding the emission of cool air from his feet later during the interview, the male participant replied that he felt nothing unusual throughout the entire process.


The lady participant displayed a much more dramatic response during the process. A few minutes after the lamp was placed near the top of her head, she started hyperventilating, her eyelids kept fluttering, her body trembled and her left hand kept moving up-and-down involuntarily, and she teared uncontrollably while these physiological movements continued. These phenomena ended only when the flame of the lamp extinguished. Feeling weak and wobbly, the lady required assistance as she stood up to return to her seat, which was barely 3 metres away from the mattresses.


Noticing these symptoms, Master Sanna went over to find out more, “Are you sleeping well recently? Are you having a lot of stress?”


“I usually have nightmares during my sleep, and I feel very tired when I wake up. During the process, my body felt like it was burning and my heart-beat accelerated.” the lady replied.


Master Sanna explained to the audience that perhaps the lady had been affected by some negative entities, but he needed further assessment to confirm that was the case. He reassured the audience that under normal circumstances, a healthy person unaffected by negative spirits/energies will not display such phenomena, and at the very most one would only emit cool air from one’s soles. He said that the Sanna Healing Lamp is a very good test for people with unexplainable conditions/illness/behaviors to rule out the possibility of a spirit attack.


Master Sanna then shared some information and tips with the audience to avoid unnecessary brushes with negative spirits: There are many types of spirits e.g. those which are gentle, those which are malevolent, those which are “kept and controlled”, etc.

  • Most spirits understand what we are communicating despite the medium used as the communication was done via vibration.
  • Most spirits can be appeased as long as we communicate with them reasonably e.g. apologizing to them.
  • Avoid urinating on trees or on boulders/small rocks as they might have spirits residing in them.
  • Ghosts usually appear as a dark figure without legs and/or appear to be running when they move about.
  • There are many types of spirits ranging from spirits of humans to even spirits of animals.
  • Spirits are usually active from 12am to 4am.
  • The most usual physiological reaction to the presence of spirits is the unexplainable appearance of goose pimples.