February 2009, Xin Min Daily News Singapore:
Master Sanna’s Exclusive San Yuan Feng Shui Course



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Mr Chen from the Xin Min Daily News reported on Master Sanna’s exclusive San Yuan Feng Shui course. He mentioned that Master Sanna had researched about Feng Shui and Spiritual Studies for many years, and gained an in-depth understanding of both Yang Dwelling Feng Shui as well as Yin Dwelling Feng Shui. Mr Chen then wrote about Master Sanna’s findings regarding both types of Feng Shui, “Yang Dwelling Feng Shui is about using San Yuan Na Qi, Water Placement Methods, and Date Selection in the selection of one’s place of residence, conduct of annual Feng Shui audits, optimization of one’s office layout and arrangement, renovations, selection of factory sites, and evaluation of large plots of land. It utilizes the concept of elemental support and enhancement to provide holistic Feng Shui layouts and arrangement. It does not require the use of “lucky and/or “auspicious” ornaments.”


“Yin Dwelling Feng Shui is about using selecting a plot of land for burial coupled with Date Selection and the essence of landform studies to improve one’s descendant’s intelligence, as well as boosting their career and wealth luck. It ensured that one’s descendants led peaceful and stable lives.”


Mr Chen then wrote about Master Sanna explaining about the requirements of being accepted into his course, “Feng Shui is a study that requires in-depth research and practice, thus there would never be a course that makes one an expert practitioner overnight. Besides having a deep passion for Feng Shui and constantly researching about the subject, applicants must also be morally upright with good values before they can be entrusted with the teachings of authentic San Yuan Feng Shui and the responsibility of carrying on these secrets.”


“Master Sanna has researched on Feng Shui for many years, to the extent of travelling on foot throughout Singapore to do Feng Shui studies on different buildings – how they have been affected by its design, layout, environmental influences, and landscape influences.”


“Recently Master Sanna revealed about the Feng Shui secrets behind renovation work done to buildings and how their original designs limited or enhanced their business. He and SPI (Singapore Paranormal Investigators) organized a Feng Shui Tour to unravel the Feng Shui mysteries behind a few prominent buildings in Singapore. As the tour was covered by the news, it aroused the interest of many Feng Shui enthusiasts.”