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7 Reasons Successful People Meditate

reasons why successful people meditate

People need a purpose and a goal in life. However, the greater a goal is, the harder it so achieves. There is a reason many successful people utilise meditation in their daily routines. It has proven to have great benefits, requires a short amount of time and comes at no cost. It helps people keep […]

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Essence of Feng Shui

five elements of feng shui

There are generally two categories: Yang (阳宅) – For the living Yin (阴宅)- For the dead, ancestors, burial / tombstone YANG FENGSHUI (阳宅) It is not about 8 Mansions (八宅), Flying Stars (飞星), 64 Hexagrams, San Yuan (三元) or San He (三合). These are just formulas. Yang Feng Shui is about 理 (Theory), 气 (Energy), […]

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The Basics of Astrology

basic of astrology

From the moment we are born, the natural cycles of the planets begin to influence the courses of our lives. Most people struggle through life without ever knowing why things happen positively or negatively. Some individuals toil without ever reaping rewards, while others are blessed with good  fortune throughout their lives. Astrology can be implement […]

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Michael Jackson Astrological Chart

Date and Time of Birth: 29th August 1958 HIS FINAL DEMISE: 25th June 2009 Day & Time of Birth: Friday at 10:00 AM. Natal Chart Planets in Transit Ascendant in Virgo: He is gentle, friendly, approachable, intelligent, patience and has endurance. He can get along with everybody, whether young or old. He is self-confident, diligent […]

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