Home Feng Shui Singapore - Yang Zhai Feng Shui Audit by Master Sanna


Have you just moved in into a new house or do you want to change the interior design of your home? If the answer is yes, you have to contact the home fengshui audit Singapore to make adorable decorations that will not only make your house appear superb and excellent but also comfortable and peaceful. As a house owner, the house should reflect the real you and your family, it should favour your interests and attract good luck so that you live nicely and happily. This is what home fengshui masters can do to your house.

Services Offered by Our Feng Shui Master Singapore

First, the fengshui master will conduct a home feng shui audit to determine whether you have a bad or good Home Feng shui destiny and why. Using the 9 sectors of the entire house, the audit master will draft the invisible latent energy that influence the 9 sectors. The master will study the interaction between the latent energy and external physical environmental factors and ensure that they work in harmony. Using the different schools of fengshui, the master will apply different attributes to the home to make it peaceful and conducive.

House Feng Shui Audit Singapore

What Happens in a Positive Home Feng Shui Destiny?

If the destiny is good, it improves the luck of occupants while if the destiny is bad, it ruins the luck of the occupants. The factor that determines whether a destiny is bad or good depends on the birth profile of the person and the Gua number. A positive destiny means that your life will be excellent in that home and even the family members will feel good living in that house. If the destiny is bad, it shows bad luck and things like career, health, relationship and other matters might get bad. You might experience regular sicknesses and a lot of constraints. The home fengshui audit Singapore can help you to have a good house destiny which means good luck to you and your family.

The Work of the Feng Shui Master

The general role of the master is to improve our lives regardless of the destiny of the house. The house could have constraints that limit the effectiveness of home fengshui audit Singapore like the Toilet, fixed structural bedroom and stove locations. To ensure that the house becomes good for dwelling, the master will analyse the birth profile of the person and find the lucky elements of the person. He will then attach the elements in the areas where there are constraints.

The bottom line is that home fengshui audit Singapore is meant to make your home a wonderful place through implementing or installing good luck attracting features. The whole audit process takes about between 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the constraints that have been found in the house. You should choose a Feng Shui master like Master Sanna that are able to provide you a one stop feng shui solutions.

With Master Sanna experience and our pool of professionals, Sanna Holistic House is able to provide you a one stop feng shui service from home feng shui audit, space cleansing, renovate or design and build your home according to the feng shui layout that benefits you the best .

Besides that, Sanna Holistic House also provide one of the affordable Feng Shui Price Package in Singapore. Make sure that you don’t inhabit your home until it is audited by our Feng shui master.